Adlington Writing Group

Writing Group

Adlington has its very own writing group. We meet at the library on the third Friday of every month, from 10-12.


Though this group is fairly small it is an accomplished group of friendly and supportive writers. In 2018 wet published the first edition of The Adlington Storyteller, a quarterly eight page 'newspaper' which was made available during the coffee morning meetings of the Friends of Adlington Library on Saturday mornings, for a donation of £1 to FoAL. Further donations are definitely welcome and will help to keep the village's library going.

Lesley Atherton is a founder member of this group, and she and other members of the writing group have contributed to our 'Wartime Tales: The Taming of the Snoek' and 'Survival'. In addition, we have plans to publish further works in book and ebook form. Watch this space for more information.

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