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'Changes' is a story of illness and fear of change, acceptance, discovery of roots, and of new hope for an uncertain future.

'Divine Intervention' tells the tale of twins - one good and one evil, and the omniscient narrator (God) who plays a more than usually active role in their lives.

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'No Matter What' - a story of ghost writing, hiding away, and of discovery and (of all things) a male supermodel.

Readers can make an enormous saving by purchasing all three titles at the same time - only £8.74!

As an alternative, these three books, plus 'Walking with Eve' have now been edited and compiled into the novelette collection 'Conflict Management' under Lesley Atherton's new author name,  Meredith Schumann.

Review of Lesley Atherton's 'No Matter What'

by Lauren O'Neill

'Wherefore are these things hid? - Twelfth Night

'No Matter What' is a short tale told from the point of view of Jayne Smith, a ghost writer who loves her job. She enjoyed the challenge of trying to write a book, autobiography or memoir in a way that it would seem her clients had written the books themselves. That is, until a certain supermodel named Hawk was sent her way, bringing not only stress and trouble along with him but also a past that Jayne had long since left behind.

Lesley Atherton does a really good job of drawing you in and keeping you there and interested until the very end. Usually for me, short stories are just something to read to pass the time but with 'No Matter What', I found myself enthralled with every word.


Even for a short story, each chapter flowed easily from one to another, I never found it difficult to get to the next page, never got stuck on a paragraph and never struggled to find the motivation to continue.

Jayne Smith, the protagonist of the story, is a woman who doesn't find the need to impress or be a different person just to appease her peers and clients. Throughout 'No Matter What', I noticed how I didn't agree with everything she believed but I still wanted her to come out victorious, be it ignoring the “supermodel version of Christopher Ecclestone” that was Hawk or being able to one day get the recognition she truly deserved for her hard work.

Without giving too much away, I saw myself mentally making note of every word she wrote, putting it away for later. This may just be a short fiction story but within it, you'll find many things you could put to use in your life. As I started reading, I had somewhat of an idea in my head on what 'No Matter What' was going to be about. Boy was I wrong!

For a 64 page story, there were so many twists and turns that kept me guessing and I have to admit, I never would have predicted what was going to happen and I think that's quite a feat.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed 'No Matter What': the story was interesting, gripping and even quite helpful in some places. It kept me intrigued and excited to keep on reading to find out what happened to Jayne and if Hawk had caused any more trouble for the poor woman.

​I would definitely recommend 'No Matter What' to you if you enjoy a quick little fix of humour, excitement, mysterious supermodels and a ghost writer with more to her than she lets on, if you enjoy all that, then this is the story for you.


5/5 stars


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