What Does Our Community Publisher Do Exactly?

The short answer is...

The short answer is: a community publisher helps people (normally writers) publish their words in and for the community.

The longer answer is a little more complex…

To me, ‘community’ encompasses the worldwide community of writers:

· those who write because they love and need to write

· those who write for additional or primary income

· those who write as therapy, as part of their personal development in journals and diaries

· those who write from the whole range of experience levels – from beginner to published expert

Understandably the closest community to my heart is my own local community of writers. I’ve been so fortunate. The writing community of which I’m a passionate member contains a strong, committed and friendly collection of characters with a wide breadth of strengths and interests. My writing groups in Horwich (Write You Are and Writers' Cauldron) and Adlington (Adlington Writers Group) are my extended family. The support both given and received is natural and genuine. It is, in part, what gave me the strength, encouragement and confidence to set up Scott Martin Productions.

This means community now takes on a whole new dimension to me. It refers specifically to writers we publish and has become a wonderful labour of love, and yes, a big professional responsibility in my life. All of which I take very seriously. I want to make sure the writers we serve are served well.

To be exact: we have seven service tenets

To be exact: these are the seven service tenets we offer to writers:

  1. Everyone is a storyteller.

  2. We aim to publish a genuine diversity of voices that open doors to different worlds.

  3. No writer is discriminated against on the basis of their inability to pay for the publication of their work.

  4. Free cover design, free editorial services, free formatting and free publishing.

  5. We ensure our authors have a contract that’s ethical, easy to read and in plain English.

  6. We establish a collaborative publisher and author connection, and the development of a working relationship that brings out the best in community and sharing. We do this because: we’re friendly, we’re accessible and we’re northern.

  7. For writers who don’t publish through us, we can support them during pre-publication via a cost-effective editorial service.

Scott Martin Productions publishing seeks to unite writers

So, what of our publishing here at Scott Martin Productions? Well, at the present time, as we grow and develop, we have a burgeoning stable of writers such as local historian David Holding, historical fiction writer Eleanor Duvivier and thriller writer David Grunter. We publish via print on demand paperbacks ands Kindle ebooks, most of which are available for free to Amazon’s subscribers.

In the future we aim to grow in scope and reach, publishing books of more varied formats and styles, and publishing via other mediums and platforms, including audio and video. As part of this, we embrace the online communities on multiple social media platforms, our website blog is a platform for new writers to get their voices heard and do a spot of micro-publishing and our website forum is a dedicated space for writers to share their wisdom and worries.

The community is always the hero in our story

We seek to unite writers in the real world too in a unique and friendly atmosphere of support and respect, and rather excitingly are at the beginning stage of planning a writers’ event in Horwich in the autumn.

Our local communities are precious assets, and this company intends to support ours in many ways. We want to grow with the support of the community and to listen to that community in order to continually improve our services to help get people writing.

So, in answer to the original question, yes a community publisher helps writers get their words off the computer and out into the world, but the reality is writers are a part of the wider community. We are a community publisher with the emphasis on community first, because the community is always the hero in our story.

Join us!

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