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by Lesley Atherton


This book is volume 1 in an ongoing series of short stories, perfect for reading while travelling and commuting. Inside you’ll find intriguing tales of revenge, of compassion, and of humour. 
Mild insanity in a greasy spoon cafe.
Life-changing and hair-changing epiphany at the hairdressers.
Stuck in a lift with the office bitch - how sweet is revenge?
Revenge and recriminations.
Insomniac ramblings.
An intruder in the cupboard: another in the attic.
Poverty, making ends meet, and recovery.
Hoarding and mental health issues.
The horrifying return of an absent (and unwanted) ex-partner.
Nosy monologue. Dance of a supernova.
Santa, domestic abuse, and second chances.
And so much more.

Can't Sleep, Won't Sleep, Vol 1

SKU: 9781730900464
  • "OMG. Poor Julia. But also Yay" - KT
    'Epiphany: Full Stop - I got my sister to read this story. It is about a vain woman who has a breakdown and is not so vain afterwards. My sister is such a vain person that she didn't even think it could have been about her. Hilarious" - FE