by Lesley Atherton


This book is volume 3 in an ongoing series of short stories, perfect for reading while travelling and commuting. Inside you’ll find intriguing tales of revenge, of compassion, and of humour. 
Sticks and balls and sleep acrobatics.
Bus station anxiety. Sci-fi dystopia.
Family - remembrance, joy and despair.
First kiss, wedding massacre and the lure of the hangman's noose. Inspiration, foraging, and ice cream Sundays.
Impossible work, evolution and the urban unicorn.
A mourning dog.
Music in the basement, but no music for a month.
Nervous breakdown, procrastination and ensnaring of prey.
Ranting, reincarnation and rolling the dice.
Decisions and deception.
Revenge and stranger than truth.
Requited love and walking boots...

Can't Sleep, Won't Sleep, Vol 3

SKU: 9781730866678
  • "I bought this to read on the train. I spent three hours flicking between reading, staring out of windows, and staring at people. Good way to kill time on a journey that is usually boring." - DDF


    "Damn you. Great reading. Stayed up till 2 but had to get up at 7. Damn you again!" - BP

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