by David J Grunter



Winston Dennis is successful and, charismatic, but the likable 40-year-old criminal defence lawyer is bored with his life.He's in his first decade of being a divorcee and has had enough of the party life. Besides woman and cricket, murder is the other thing that fascinates him - especially when it comes to getting away with it. 
After careful planning and pondering, Winston finally decides to kill someone. Just to see if he could get away with it.  Alfie Wright, an old client of his and also the man responsible for his superstar status, is the unfortunate victim.

What Winton doesn't plan on is Carla Leeson. She is the lead investigator on the Alfie Wright case, and he certainly didn't plan on falling in love with her. He ignores his intuition and starts dating Carla virtually right away.
Initially, life seems good, until The Messiah, a religiously driven serial killer, targets Carla. But are things as straightforward as they seem?
The events that follow will have you tearing through the pages, till you reach the shocking and unexpected ending. 
The twists and turns in this page-turner will keep you up all night!

I'm a Killer

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