by Fred Smith


From Fred Smith’s birth on a Chorley farm, throughout his early years as a milkman and gardener, this is a life that has not been without excitement and accomplishment.  Marrying, raising children and working hard to provide for them are usual for many men.  However, Fred’s life has seen him take control of this while earning World Championship weightlifting medals, completing marathons and establishing successful businesses, most notably his famous motorway lighting company.  Fred Smith has achieved all this and more - even taking on a reluctantly acquired role as the family poet.


From Milk to Motorways is crammed full of challenges met and disappointments overcome.  Above all the reader will sense an overwhelming strength of character and drive that has seen Fred transcend so many of the limitations placed in his way.


This is a story that will fascinate Fred’s family and those who have known him throughout his dynamic life.  It will be of interest to those who know the areas where Fred has lived and worked, and those who have ever travelled on a motorway and wondered about their construction. 

It is also a story that will inspire all those who read it to put that little extra effort into life and to truly believe that they can succeed, as Fred did. 


Milk to Motorways

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