Really nice tank. Pictures don't do it justice. Fluval Roma fish tank on cupboard stand. Cupboard has one shelf and is in good condition. The tank is in very good used condition. Takes 2 strip bulbs which are included and were working last time I checked. Also includes substantial quantitity of gravel in natural shades, a reversible backdrop, a large (expensive) piece of driftwood and a large rock shape with plant. I can't remember if it is 100 or 125 litres as it hasn't been used for a while. You'll need a heater if you want to keep tropical fish, and a pump and filter for any fish.  A great starter tank.

Pick up only, sorry. I'm near Chorley.

Probably best for two people to carry. Could be used for fish, amphibians, reptiles, or even tiny burrowing creatures/insects/snails etc.

Fish (or small animal) Tank - Fluval 100/125L with accessories

SKU: Tank001

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