I have always been moved by the story of The Rubaiyat. Fitzgerald could not find a publisher, and had a back street printer print his work in a little book, which did not sell. It was being sold off at 1 penny each. He was living like a vagrant, when Dante Gabriel Rossetti, one of the pre Raphaelites, saw it , and from then on it was famous. How could such a beautiful work be missed? You are doing the same, and God bless you.

David G-B

“I want to thank you for what you are doing for people like me. I didn't have a hope in hell of getting published with the traditional publishers. What you are doing is giving us a chance.”

Eleanor Duvivier

I found Scott Martin Productions via a Facebook Creative Writing competition in 2018. Since then I've been published in the short story collection Survival in Feb 2019. When Scott Martin Productions mentioned that they were looking for full length manuscripts I was pleased to send them one that I had been working on since University. It was lovely to find a publisher that seemed to be at a similar life stage as myself, and seemed a very understanding and caring person. It was like we were taking a chance together and it has so far worked out wonderfully. <br>
My manuscript is now sitting on Amazon as Helios Sphere. Instead of gathering dust in my documents folder it is actually gathering dust on my shelf. It is being read and getting reviews - this is a wonderful thing. I can't tell you the amount of joy this brings a writer. It has been great to see the SMP team grow as well, knowing that they aren't toughing it out alone and seem to be in a phase of expansion due to production growth. So, if you're wondering whether to submit your manuscript ... do it. It may be the luck you need.

Peter McGeehan

Leslie Atherton does it again ! Improves on the seemingly unimprovable. The Scott Martin team just get better and better. A must go to site for everybody who wants to be somebody. Well done everybody. 'Keep goin wi yed darn'

Sally Williams

This publisher has given me the opportunity to have my children's poems published which I am truly grateful. I have enjoyed the books she has published which luckily includes some of my poetry and short stories. Writers have been waiting for publishers like this for a long time.

Hannah Pike

Scott Martin Productions are a friendly, reliable and professional team. <br>They are prompt with emails, and care about every manuscript being sent over for them to look at.
Lesley in particular has been extremely helpful with all stages of my own manuscript!


Very refreshing to find someone willing to help others in the publishing world.
I hope you go from strength to strength. Frank

Jackie Hutchinson

Lesley’s comments on my Poetic Desires were greatly inspiring; a writer herself, she has taken the time and trouble to read the whole of my poetry collection. She has recognised the therapeutic qualities and emotional feelings that I endeavoured to convey through my writing. The diverse range of my literary verses, depicting various genres, structures, moods and language, Lesley has so accurately portrayed in her analysis. My philosophy has always been to think ’outside the box’ to add spontaneity and freshness to my poetry. In my view, I feel Lesley has captured my sentiments hugely, honestly and with immense warmth. Lesley, as I know they genuinely have been expressed from your heart, thank you and best wishes!

Dave Jackson

Scottmartin productions is a really great idea. Someone based locally who's committed to helping unpublished writers get into print, e-media and get their work out into the public arena. There are a lot of writers and writing groups in Horwich and we can all benefit from what Lesley is doing.


Leslie Atherton Is an example of dogged perseverance winning hands down over apathy. The work and dedication put in to providing and servicing this business is truly inspirational. I have no doubt that Scott Martin Production will develop well over time and will be a shining light at the end of many a new authors elusive tunnel. May I congratulate you on a job very well done.

Kathleen Litherland

I just want to recommend Scott Martin publishers to all those budding authors out there. You will be given helpful suggestions and good advice. Some of my short stories have been published in the two volumes - Time ... and Tide. The publishers have been extremely supportive of my creative efforts and I hope to publish more of my work with them later this year.

Tom Ungless

To discover a publisher that really cares about writing is unusual in this mercenary age. Money is the first concern with many editors seeking only to make a name for themselves. Scott Martin Productions is wonderful. Those behind the company care about writing and about writers and that care is reflected in the wonderful publications. Wartime Tales is a good example: lively vivid stories often reflecting personal experience. Any of the books published by Scott Martin will keep you wonderfully entertained and more… they will also make you think.

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